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Office Space


As a result of working with a wide variety of genres, Cypress Records offers a diverse selection of state of the art recording equipment, microphones, and instruments to achieve the sound that you’re looking for. The studio provides professionals to assist in tracking and vocal sessions, as well as, with mixing and mastering services.

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Cypress Record’s services incorporate guidance from professionals who worked alongside artists currently in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Beginning with an initial consultation, Cypress Record’s staff will collaborate with you on the overall direction of your project. Understanding an artist’s journey better defines their future and position in the industry. Knowledge of what inspires you will help the studio better align services available with your vision.


Tracking Sessions

During a tracking session professionals will ensure that the studio is optimized for your sound. The goal is for everything to work cohesively as Cypress Records does not rely on perfecting a sound in mixing.


From microphone placement to overlays, Cypress Record’s team of professionals are experienced in industry standards. Based on your tone and pitch, they will also choose the microphone that best fits your vision.

Mixing & Mastering

Cypress Records utilizes a variety of classic analog equipment and the latest in digital audio technology to achieve the desired balance. Working closely with the artist, staff carefully crafts the recording to fit their vision.


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