Special Events

Special Events


Cypress Records is a historic treasure located in the heart of Jacksonville Beach, Florida. Recording every major artist from Jacksonville for over 50 years, the studio serves as a time capsule. From original furnishings to microphones, you’ll be transported to share the same experience as Lynyrd Skynyrd, Molly Hatchet and other Hall of Fame artists.


As the largest recording studio in the southeast, Cypress records is also able to host large private events. With tables, chairs and couches available the studio can be altered to accommodate any gathering. The event space features original instruments used by Hall of Fame artists, state of the art speakers and acoustic panels to ensure quality sound.

Event Space

Looking for a unique venue for your next event? Private event space is available to book now! Host your next wedding anniversary, wedding reception, birthday party, or corporate event at the historic Cypress Records Recording Studio. Includes VIP lounge area, deck area, and full live room area ready to host karaoke! Contact Cypress Records for availability and price!

Rehearsal Space

Book our dedicated space for all your rehearsal needs. We go above and beyond to provide a private and professional rehearsal space including: 

• On duty sound engineer
• Guitar, drums, vocals, piano
• Recording
• Digital multitrack instant playback

All for only $40/hour with a 2 hour minimum requirement.

After-School Program

There is a season and after school activity for every sport but where is your musically inclined child being mentored? Bring them to Cypress Recording Studio between 3-6PM and allow them to be immersed in the music industry. Drinks and snacks available, internet for homework, practice their musical instruments, learn industry techniques for recording, and listen to bands record and practice.

Starting at $500/month

Kids Parties

Party like a rock star at Cypress Recording Studio! Let your child experience the party of a lifetime by booking a party today! Multiple packages available, including karaoke, rock star photo shoot, playing instruments, and more!

Endless possibilities

Listening Parties

With state of the art speakers and custom acoustic panels, the Cypress studio is the optimal location for your listening party.

Album Releases

Cypress Records welcomes amateur and professional artists alike to host their album release parties in the studio.


From orchestras to one man bands, the Cypress Records studio can easily accommodate rehearsals of any size.


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